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Originally Posted by 92Rwife View Post
Ok so I am the wife of a soldier. ....
If the paperwork states he has a bonus coming then he should have it coming to him. If his contract doesnt state he has a bonus then forget it your screwed! From here on out you need to make sure that no matter what he is told he gets it in writing. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to understand your contract. If someone told him he has a bonus all he had to do was ask them to show him in the contract where it was stated he would recieve it. When you sign up at MEPS The are a hundred places where you initial your understanding after each paragraph. If he didnt bother reading it before he initialed it....HIS BAD!! He can also go to his post inspector generals office and file a complaint, but I wouldnt advise that if he doesnt have it written in his contract that he has a bonus coming. If his contract states he has it coming then the IG will handle it and get him paid.

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