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My husband enlisted in April and we were told it was 40k total. 20K at the end of AIT, and then yearly instalments of 5k each year for 4 years.

But also, my bro-in-law is an army recruiter and has been in for 13 years and one thing he can vouch for, is that when it comes to money and the army. There is no real guess work. You kind of have to wait and see. Now I know we have a contract to get our money, but it doesn't outline a time of pay and what not. When he's received re-enlistment bonus' half the time they wouldn't come on the date he was told or they wouldn't come in the amount. Meaning, they could tell him he's getting it Mar. 3rd and he's getting 3k and he gets 1.4k on Mar. 19th and 1.6k on April 2nd. Why? No one knows, and you don't question it because you know it -is- coming, you just don't know when and how.

My husbands AIT is 15 weeks long, so we won't be seeing a bonus for a good while since his AIT doesn't even start til August 4th, so I won't be able to vouch for us as an example for getting a bonus. But what I can honestly say is that things tend to work differently for everyone, especially with the bonus variants.
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