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Originally Posted by venomspit View Post
Thank you! Your words are good for my confidence! I feel I can offer quite a lot to the Army. And hope for the chance.
Cool Spit. In short-.Your get your chance. Your ready...I can tell. Im 22 and as a kid ...I had fun stirring up trouble at my pop's. 1-///th. I owned the shop/pad. I had fun running around the floors of the bays and can tell you on a time which blackbirds are still in use from Nam days with the most service and flight times hrs..The Crewchiefs and Drivers and teams who ride them. The Infantry.... I would run across the hangers to the back and upstairs to Filght Ops, The pilot's breifing room.The weight and training areas...and the shop. Where I like working on my

But the best place in the world is "The Back Pad" and the "Team Bench"..Out through the hangers and out of the shop.. F K 'in ' "Awesome"......Hooah.

The Army's has been very good to me...and It's my career and I making the most out of it. Take advantage of everything..I knew my contract a long time ago.. It's Cool..You caught "Top.. Ex, and Msg Glenn" at the same time

Originally Posted by Tacky View Post
You mentioned being Airborne, there's really no reason to be Airborne as an MP unless you just want the badge and to be able to jump every once in awhile for the extra pay. The pay for static isn't bad, so if you can handle a few jumps every so often and can get a slot in your contract, I would recommend it.
..."Top'.. makes two excellent points...
The first - about getting out...Working and doing some intresting assignments. I can tell you working Flying missions and military operations as a Team. Some damn cool work...I freaking love being a Dogg. MP's do cool work. When your sycked about your job. You can't beat it..Nothing like it in the world.

The second - about jumping for your Airborn Badge and the pay not being too bad. I ask you....How can you beat it? .....Awesome.

Originally Posted by venomspit View Post
Thanks, I feel I'm gonna need it. I assume Boot camp will be one of the biggest challenges to go through. But mentally I am ready.

Piece of cake..Your ready.You'll fit in.. I had the honor of winning the Army's APFT Award..// times at bct and AAS..I posted about it somewhere. It's around if you need it. A little over the top but it's good stuff. I had the honor of earning my Blood Wings. Cherrie no more. I'm jumping. Im going to be the first in my family to wear the Airborne badge and the Silver Pilots Wings....

VenomSpit..Welcome to our Army.

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