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Default America's "First Team". 1st Cavalry Division

Just as the phoenix from the ashes, the return of the legend. By popular demand and request, the 1st Cavalry Division is reforming. Following the long and honored heritage of the real "First Team", the 1CD Gaming Group will now be serving those who enjoy these popular games:
  1. Battlefield 2
  2. Battlefield 2-Project Reality
  3. America's Army:Special Forces

We have returned to offer these gamers a fun mix between relaxed and full reality gaming. While we operate in a military manner, complete with rank structure, training, etc, we also have a more laid back atmosphere, allowing gamers to enjoy their time online.

We are accepting applicants at this time, but wish to let you know that reconstruction is still in progress, so excuse our mess. As other realsim units, we do have minimum standards, so be aware of these by reading all the available information at our forums listed below. We hope to see you soon and don't forget to support the real soldiers that cannot be with us!!!!



As we continue to set the wheels in motion to set up the 1st Cavalry, we are getting more and more anxious to see how the general membership feels.

We are now open recruiting for all positions. We have positions for Armor, Infantry, Aviators, leaders both in the company and platoon level. We now support America's Army, Project Reality, and Battlefield 2 and all expansions. We have a command staff with many years of military gaming and structure. We welcome ALL members 16 and older to apply today. Click on the banner below to find out more!!!!!!

We are located at [URL=""][/URL]

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