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im beginning to be a bit offended.. topic is Finnish Defence forces..

not our neighbors army..

and that nationmaster graph clearly shows that Finland had more
military personel per capita than Sweden in 2001-2002.
and to answer your question about swedish fighting
capability.. id say its very efficient. well training atleast.
fighting? cant say. they havent really been in a war for ages.

FDF onthe other hand kept Finland independent for the whole worldwar 2.
finland was never occupied.. that makes finland the other un-occupied contry
in europe which participated in the ww2.. and only democracy in europe at that time.
there was lots of Swedish volunteer there tough.. credits to them. (and the norwegians too.
and everybody else)

Actually Brittain declared war to Finland during WW2
(because we took part in operation barbarossa in Continuation War )
only incedent i have heared of between Brittain and Finland was something
to do with british bombing ride behind our borders which was badly planed
and failed. good for us.. or the Germans on our turf..

Winterwar was bloody one..

population 4million (tops)

casulties per day 250

population ~200million?

casulties per day 10,000

"The war raged for 105 days and, depending on sources, caused the deaths of some 90 000 to 200 000 Soviet soldiers. Stepakov and Orehov quote four official Soviet sources which give differing figures ranging from 48 000 to 91 000 dead and missing in action and from 158 000 to 200 000 wounded and frostbitten. In addition, Stepakov and Orehov note that thousands of Red Army soldiers survived Finnish POW camps only to be killed in Stalin's purges on their return to the Soviet Union.
Finnish losses amounted to 25 000 killed or missing in action and 44 000 wounded, but in a population of less than four million the effect was devastating, proportionately comparable to, for instance, the United States suffering the loss of more than 1.5 million lives in a war."
-[URL=]An Introduction to the Winter War and Kollaa Will Hold[/URL]

(we were not axis state, but we had to collabrate with the Germany to gain ammunition
and supplys.. against the Soviet Union)

we would have preferred any western ally tough..

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