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Originally Posted by Diego View Post
The Australians have done very little since Vietnam! Consequently they are continually playing catch up, to the irritation of the British army, who frequently show them how to fire artillery etc in afghanistan. You know if you're going to brag about your army it is wise to have one.....A real one! not a poxy 30,000 personnel week end event to impress kids and pensioners one

You are a very large country populated by people with very large mouths. Unfortunately your mouths have very little to contribute .....Which in part explains your sheep population ....baaaaaaaaaaaaa!
You truely are an arrogant ***.... The Aussies dont need to hear that kind of crap from you, they have policed South East Asia and the Pacific Islands with nearly continous Islands keep banditry down and fighting counter insurgency for over 30 years... so try to show a little respect to the Aussies, all they have done for the England is support it when it is in trouble!!... They deserve your respect, not your contempt!!... Shame on you!!...
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