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I went through this too. I went with my wife to the local Army Base, before she left for BCT & AIT. I got my Military ID and so did my son, who will be 10 in June. My wife is Army National Guard. So it says on the back of my card, " Medical with Active Duty Orders over 30 Days".
All you need is a Copy of his Orders. You either need him to send them to you, or Get them through his Recruiter. I went through this and it was a pain, Since I don`t have my wife`s address yet and wouldn`t want to bother her with it while she is in Basic and It would take too long to send mail back and forth with her, due to the Military Snail Mail. When I conatacted the recruiter he said he could get it, but I couldn`t. Since you have to get the orders from MEPS and even with my ID I would not be allowed access to the MEPS building. This is a Major Flaw in the Shipping Out Process! They should have ALL Recruits, put a copy of their Orders in the Mail, to their Family before they leave MEPS, and there would be NO Problems. Since I have 2 young boys at home, I was really concerned about access to Medical Care if they got Sick or Hurt. I hope this helps you & God Bless You & your Husband!
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