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Default Future soldier?

My DH is trying to enlist in the Army and as this couldn't please me more, I am trying to gather all of the information that I possibly can to make the transition into Army life as simple and easy for us (the DH and I have 2 children under 2) as possible.

I understand about most of the basic stuff and knew to ask the questions regarding pay and housing and duty stations and what not but I am CERTAIN that there are a lot of questions that I should be asking but simply don't know I should be asking them. This is where I need YOUR help. What are those questions?

For those of you that enlisted a short time ago, or those of you that remember the things that you wish you'd known going in (not that they would have changed your decision, only made your transition more smooth), I am hoping that you will share those questions and perhaps the answers with me so that I might be as prepared to make the leap from civilian life to Army life as easy on my family as possible.

Thanks in advance.
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