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Default Bonus's

Originally Posted by Madd_Matt410 View Post
Im just curious about a topic me and my recruiter have been talking about. I talked to my recruiter yesterday and im not trying to join until May. If I joined now I would get 20,000 dollar bonus. My recruiter is telling me now soon to come they are doing away with these bonuses. Do any of you have any knowledge or more info on this? Im not in it for the money but you know that is just a plus. Thanks, Matt
Bonus money is usually allotted for MOS's that have a critical shortage or for overall recruitment numbers. The Army over thast several months has met or exceeded it's recruitment goals. Because of that the Army is able to be more selective about who they take and what they give recruits as far as incentives go. Your recruiter is PROBABLY shooting straight with you. Have you thought about the Delayed Entry Program? You could go ahead and enlist, with the bonus but delay your entry into the Army up to a year from now. That would gaurentee your bonus and give you plenty of time to get ready for BCT. You dont have to wait the full year but you could take as much time as you needed.
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