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Cool gremlin

Originally Posted by Gremlin82
Another fun little issue with mail is rank.
Never put the rank of the troop (if your sending to one person and not his/hers company)
We were told in our first mail briefing that if the post office see's the rank of the soldier on the package, the package itself will be kicked back. I'm playing in the sands of Afgan at the moment and mail is a biggggg issue here! From the states, it can take anywhere from 9 to 22 days to get to base camp here. (9 if lucky that is hee hee) 12ish is normaly the time frame.

Don't get me wrong or anything but I'm grateful for any piece of mail i get I told my brother that if someone was to send me a rock i would be happy.. So the funny guy sent me a rock.. Its a great feeling to get mail! I love getting all the fun little letters from the schools back home. The support is simply amazing! It's just the little things that make the mail system goofy. I've sent 7 letters to my parents and only 2 made it back. I've been only gone for a year so far so its not like i've forgotten my address but only got 3-4 months left so its almost over!
Yah i hear yah. I was in Afgan a while back with my Canadian Reg. PPCLI was crazy.. always waiting for mail. I never liked it.. But was always happy to get some home made stuff.
Good luck there..
Heh, i never liked that place..
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