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When my son was in Ranger School the ACU was just coming out. All of the Ranger Instructors wore them while the students wore the BDUs. He said they could see the RIs coming through the woods from a good distance away whereas the RIs had trouble finding the students. So now we know that it doesn't work too well in woodland conditions. In the desert I think there's too much light green in it to be real effective. Now in urban warfare it works just fine according to my Ranger son. He also thought that the ACU fit in pretty good in Afghanistan.

The Marines have the right idea with their MarPat (Marine Pattern) uniforms. They have one for forested areas & one for desert. That's the way it should be. Just because it's digital doesn't mean it's the right uniform. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to camouflage. Patterns & colors have to fit the type of terraine that you're in. I'd like to have a woodland, desert & urban (possibly gray tones) combat uniform, something that will give an option to use the best camouflage for each condition.
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