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Originally Posted by Marine4Life View Post
I think they should have found a way to adapt the Eurofighter. Not because of the specs you listed, but because of availability of it as well as the ability of the carrier to hold multiple types of fighter planes. Limiting carriers to one type is ok, but I'm all for versatility. You put more than one type of fighter plane in the air and you have the upper hand. Besides, some planes are better in certain areas and situations. Why not have both handy just in case? would have been more cost effective also...Eurofighter can take on both roles...Air Defence....and ground attack...the JSF will have that both capabilities also....but will take longer to be ready for service...there were certain areas of stealth tech we needed for the JSF from the US goverment...witch they took their time handing that delayed the project....once JSF enters service....we will have them both.... Eurofighter....and JSF....but the current version of Eurofighter cant take-off from carriers.....not british carriers anyway....because they use the so called ski-jump VTOL aircraft are with you on this would have been easier to adapt Eurofighter IMO
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