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Originally Posted by ozzi-solja
Texas, although i have no beef with you, i must ask you to stop you bitching, no matter how factually backed up your posts are.

enough of this ranting. we all realise how much we ALL played in the 2 world wars and in Vietnam. we dont for a second forget what the US and UK did for us in World War II, but it is apparent that world war I is a hot topic.

to that i say... who cares. it was ninety years ago, and the British Army WAS full of paid commissions... you know, bribes... and that lead to an inexperienced force. this is stated in every Modern History text book in the world (except England probably).

as for the casualty figures, that doesnt account for much. typical american perspective, counting the casualties. doesnt make any one side better than the other, it simply shows who was more willing to die, and who was more willing to do the killing... hey i rhymed.

my only beef is with royalmarine, who is probably still trying to disprove the existence of the 'Amazing SAS'. just look up the ISBN my friend, and ****ing read it instead of trying to disprove the words on the page.

on what AllAussie said about how much the yanks loved us, i will try and find the page that has the letter from some US General comending the SAS, i believe his last line was 'i'd storm hell itself with those men on my right flank'.

to the NZ bloke. im entering RMC Duntroon Direct Entry, so im skipping the ADFA. but just out of interest... what did you study, and whats your position in the NZDF?
I wasn't talking to you I was talking to the other Austrailian .I wasn't aware that to disagree and point out blatent inaccuracies was" BITCHY ". I haven't once tried to discredit the Austrailian Army . I couldn't give a flying fig what RM says or doesn't say. I'm interested in facts not stories passed off as facts . I happen to be English and I find your comment on English books bewildering . I use reference books from the US, Germany ,Holland ,UK and many other countries . I'm fully aware of the ANZAC contribution and If I have to say it again I will . Thank you Austrailia and New zealand ! If you want a mature conversation on this area of history let me know . Good luck in your crusade to enlighten the youth of High Wycombe ,You'll need it !
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