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Originally Posted by aLLOssie
I apologise Texas, I must admit i was arrogant in not including allied soldiers in the war. I always speed type my facts, so that I never have time to put other contributers on.

I wasn't implying british soldiers were a bunch of school boys, you said that, not me.

I did take your reasoning as an insult. I thought that when i talked about a testing ground for australian troops, you replied with something about Ghurkas, that was saying i lied. Considering Gallipoli was like the first battle of australia during wwI.

Why would I lie? All this facts are not imagination, but perhaps i should need to look into them again, actually confirm them this time from sites and post the site names up. I had gathered up facts from unknown documentaries and books. One book about the light horseman is called "800 Lighthorseman who changed the world" by Col Stringer. My dad is 53, he told me stories of vietnam and ww1 and 2, in which his dad and dad's dad fought in. They brought back their own stories too.

You seem to be forgeting something, why would i **** on the british, i am half english and scottish. I was sick of seeing people brag over rorkes drift, they all thought it was a glorius victory, but really the Zulu's let them go. Yes they fought well, and am impressed to see them hold their ground against dangerous odds! So i countered it with Isurava.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. If i ever post another topic i will be sure to take my time with it including all members but still keeping to the point of the topic.

How can i be held up for lying or using my *imagination* for that 2otimes bayoneted thing. I wasn't there and neither were you. I swear to you i seen this on the documanty which i am currently looking for on the net and in stores.

The victory of WWI and 2 did not solely happen cos of australia, or the british or americans etc. It was a joint operation in which such a victory was overwhelming possible for us cos we all fought together. I will be sure to include more detail in future times.
We have a bunch of kids on here . Who delight in telling everybody else how good and wonderful their Army is . They fail to see how much we relied on each other and still do .

You should never think that the Uk does not appreciate what Austrailia has done for it ,in two world wars . Anybody who has taken half an interest already knows how tough and competant the Aussies are . I've talked to plenty of Vietnam vets in Texas that have nothing but praise for the Aussies .
Gallipoli was a F*k up of the highest order .I accept that it was the proving ground for the Aussies .The plan was inept and the Generals and Admirals were over confident ,and our young lads suffered the price . But in the long run it helped us perfect a large scale Amphibious beach assualt .Which as you know came in very useful in 1944.

As for the 20 bayonet thing . If you insist I'll take your word for it . The *** who did it must have been a crap soldier though
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