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Cool Junior Hockey in the Great White

Originally Posted by Common Sence View Post
Ogy Ogelthorpe.
How can I forget!!.....Nice.
When I left to live with my host family in Canada my older brother who played told me about GM/ Coach B.....The first day after we we're told we made the final roster he sat us down straight away and said.....Their's three reasons paying fans get up off their seats.

1. A goal.....2. A fight..... 3. A beer.....Lol. If we didn't produce he would trade us to a junior B team in bora bora..... Actually it was Cleveland. Sound familiar? They we're the best of times.....

College hockey is great and we get alot of press and cool stuff like that and such.But junior hockey is better in terms of rules.

We played NHL style rules....half shields..we had enforcers...No one ever played dirty cus they knew if they did .....they would have to drop the gloves at center ice and hockey you can't fight so the hockey can be dirty at times. That said.

I'm going to use my speed and skills and score a couple of goals for you guys this year.....If you ever get around the NY area ......I'll set you and your girl and your friends up with a couple of tixs at the Prudential Center, home of the NJ Devs.....We might play Army.
The Broadwayblues / New York Yankees
Sacred Heart University-Division 1 Men's Ice hockey.
Army Avaition

Classic. And we get it.

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