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Default On the edge of the Black hole

Fecken me!....I was inspecting a shell hole from WW1 in Bustogne and all of a sudden I heard a voice calling me. I don't usually hear voices believe it or not...well I do, but normally they are attached to a person stood in front of me!.......but this wasn't, it came from out there so to speak. Steven Spielborgs filem Poltergeist came to mind. Anyway, next thing I know MSG GLENN ran past shouting "USA way to go!"...Its years since we last spoke......and to be honest I felt seriously pissed off with him . How dare he run run pelt through the forest past my shell hole reliving his time camping out in the Ardenne in the winter o' 44 ......

Anyway I'll get to the point, Suddenly I'm here on the old website, It was Like finding the Tardis on the edge of the "Black hole" with nobody at the controls....

Cykz is that you?
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