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Originally Posted by Tacky
Firstly, you aren't haven't earned the title through blood, sweat and tears. Yet, you feel as if because of some game, you can align yourself with the 75th Ranger Regt.

I'm a gamer myself, but the lengths some of you go to is ridiculous and insulting to the memories of those that have actually died in service of their country.

For those of age, grow up, enlist and do the deed - stop pretending.
We use the name yes, but isn't it better for a clan to be called the 75th Ranger Rgt. than the Über pwning Bunnyhoppers? It shows our respect to the real rangers. We earn the title of rangers virtually by going through a special 75th Ranger Basic Training.

We try to be as realistic as possible but in no way can a game be full realism. You actually say that playing America's Army is insulting and ridiculous to the true heroes.

Many of us were in the military but have joined the 75th because they want to have the same feeling again. And some rangers are currently in the military.

Originally Posted by Morten
anyways... i like the text thing... atleast its better than the: hey! we're the "soldier ninja killers" and we RULE! [SNK] 1S 7H3 1337!!!!!!!!!"

This is our opinion too.

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