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Post 75th Rangers

Fought through times, of difficulties and strain, We are the 75th Rangers and we will always maintain.
Degraded with thoughts, and evil words of those who lost the game. We are still the Elite, and that will always be the same.

No matter how good, or wise you think you are, To beat the Rangers, is to steep, too far.
With pinpoint precision, the missions will be done, Objectives will be taken and our enemy’s will run.

We are forever watch-full, Accurate and swift. Silent and deadly, A target is never ever missed.
Deployed in the heat of battles, We know the means to prevail. To fight besides our brothers, And not with a yellow tail.

We are the 75th, In life and death the same, Because even when in Heaven, we are still the Elite of this game.

-Private Second Class van Rij, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
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