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Originally Posted by Nightflyer View Post
In a big country...Dreams stay with you..I never took the smile away from anybody's face. But I can look and breath and see the sun in the winter time...

I have a library of some kickin' tunes..between my mom and dad's and the CD's I took from my brothers and sister..I have all these tunes.

The Cranberry's signature CD..Awesome ..Dolores O'Riordan, I was always hot for her....
With their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and guns..In your head they are crying. Aa Aa.. It's the same old thing since 1916....Aa Aa Aa. Awesome stuff..I just realized that Im still hot for
Yeh that was a good one. I've got two Big country LP's. [URL=""]The Cars[/URL] were another favorite of mine
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