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Originally Posted by Razell Dazzel
Well i'm about to join the army, but a few questions remain . I have a hard time believing anything a recruiter tells me, since my friends that went in say they lie to get you to enlist. Was wondering if you get sent home after boot camp? Also when you finish boot camp and go to your job training, if you are single what kind of living conditions can I expect? And of course some also tell me that you wont get the job you want, they will stick you where they want that true as well?

thanks for helping
My friends who have been in have told me the same thing about the lies. I say, who cares - as long as I am getting paid. If I get lied to, I'll not enlist again when I get out of my term.

Secondly, you get sent home I'm pretty sure. This is based on my family members that were in the military primarily the army. You haven't received training or anything. I am sure though that you are active and can probably be sent anywhere they want you to during that training.

I beleive Living quarters are the same as the non-single living quarters if they are available. Apartments, houses, etc. All paid for, all you have to pay for is stuff like cable, internet and stuff of that manner.

I am pretty sure that if you talk to your recruiter they can get you a "guarunteed" job, or whatever. I'm not sure they program. I think it's called PaYs. You are guarunteed your job before your train for it, then when you get done with training.. provided you pass all needed courses and training, etc.. that job is guarunteed to be there when you get done.
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