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Originally Posted by LiHer82 View Post
What is DLA for? Did you come home for hometown recruiting? Did they make you come back to ft. leonard wood after your leave to go to your duty station? My husband seems to think that he may have to fly back to ft. leonard wood after his leave and from there fly to South Korea, which doesn't make any sense because we live in so cal which is a lot closer to Korea than ft. lw


there is your definition. Hometown recruiting means you work in your hometown lol. If your husband is going overseas, he will coordinate with the representative at his losing duty station that works out his flight arrangements (travel). Is he doing his tour with your or without you? Regardless, he can pick the place where he wants to fly out of but which still has to be the most cost effective way for the government for him to fly. When I flew overseas twice, (on one ocassion) I flew out from the terminal that was most convenient after I shipped my car. For example, when I was stationed at Fort Campbell, KY and was going overseas to Europe, depending where I decided to ship my car from, I could of left from St Louis, Missouri or Atlanta, Georgia. And I was responsible for getting my butt and/or my family with me. Orders section gave me the documents I needed to get no-fee passports for my family and them listed on my orders to travel with me and their EFMP screenings to go overseas. Point is, your husband will have a big brief on what his options will be and how they will be coordinated when its time to PCS.

Basically the only times you get babysitted by the government to travel is when you ship to basic training, AIT as a Split-OP or to certain AIT schools. Other than that, you responsible for getting yourself to point A and B. I was laughing last year at Fort Gordon because I was getting my tickets to go overseas and some female private shows up in civilian clothes saying that her leave has expired and she is trying to get new tickets to fly out to Hawaii. The first thing the rep said, "Sweety, you are AWOL!". lol Its up to your to get to your destination by the date your leave expires. If you have a personal issues that is going to make you arrive late, you better contact (usually listed on your orders or leave form) a Army representative immediately (not the private down the street lol) that will square you away and help you. You can always go to a recruiting station as well if you have issues at home and dont know who to contact to explain. Sorry that I went off tangent.

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