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Originally Posted by missinhim View Post
i sure don't!
When he gets to AIT, he will do a travel claim (check the orders on what they say as well). Now he should receive money on the days it need to travel and the distance (mileage). He will not get reimbursed for gas but maybe tolls. On his claim, he will list POV as the mode of travel. (this is the form [url][/url] ).

Of course the money will be disbursed to him but whatever you decide and agree between the two of you is a different story.

Also with hometown recruiting, the recruiting commander should give him the info so he is reimbursed for his incidents and travel. I did special hometown recruiting but I was given travel orders before I started. Sometimes with hometown recruiting, you just start it while you home on leave so you usually pay first then get reimbursed later.

there should be someone in his immediate chain of command that should give him the current guidelines.

here are the recruiting links.


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