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Default Bonus

Originally Posted by motox813 View Post
I've read some of the other threads and I am still a bit confused about how you receive your bonus.

Ok. So when you get to wherever your stationed, you prove they owe you a bonus and it may take up to a month for you to receive it, and when you do you will receive half.

Now how does this dividing the rest of it up go.

Lets say I enlist 4 years active and get a bonus of 42k.

Unless they have changed it since I was active duty here is the way they pay it.
Once you complete BCT and AIT you have to file the necessary paperwork to get your bonus. The will pay you 1/2 up front. The rest is paid in increments on the anniversary of your enlistment until it is paid in full. In 24 years in the Army I never recieved a bonus but I knew several people who did aand thats how it was paid. Like Msg. Glenn said, keep copies of everything and DO NOT let your anniversary go by without getting paid. At least 3 months before each anniversary go to finance and remind them that your bonus payment is coming due and fill out whatever paperwork they require. Dont forget that Uncle Sam will also get his share so you can knock about 30% off for taxes.
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