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Originally Posted by 92Rwife View Post
Ok so I am the wife of a soldier. ....
I already ANSWERED your question! Here's a copy / paste. I HATE having to do the same thing twice!!!

My son was owed $10,000 for a seasonal Infantry bonus. While in Infantry OSUT his contract was changed to 11X/Abn/option 40 (Ranger). that was another $3000 bonus. As soon as he completed RIP & went into the 75th Ranger Regt. he got his $3000. He kept applying for the $10,000 & finally it started coming. He was getting it monthly in addition to his regular pay/jump pay. They assured him that if he didn't receive all of it before he ETSed he would still receive it monthly in his direct deposit account until it was payed up.

Make numerous copies of all your paperwork: enlistment contract & completion certificates, orders to your unit , etc. & always make sure you have several copies for yourself. You'll have to submit all the paperwork every time you apply. Maybe you won't have a problem but you'll still have to physically apply for the bonus yourself. Ask your 1st line supervisor where to go for that. Bear in mind that my son was dealing with lazy civilians at Ft. Benning but eventually it worked itself out. What the screwup was the civilians thought that his initial $3000 bonus for Rangers was his 1st installment of the whole thing. They also told him that he could only receive one bonus in a fiscal year. He was wishing they would have started the Infantry bonus 1st & then the Ranger bonus.

Once you apply for your bonus check your LES after the date they told you that you'd start receiving it.

Don't let them screw you out of it. A contract is a contract regardless if you went into the Army for patriotic reasons or for the bonus.

If it ain't in your contract it ain't gonna happen.
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