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Originally Posted by Reach2heaven1108 View Post
. Do I recieve BAH or Separation pay while at bct and ait(6 weeks)? Yes you receive BAH based on your family's location. Separation pay kicks in when you have been gone over 30 days.

The above is not true. Pay is pro-rated based on the day you leave. My husband received his separation pay in his first paycheck and he was not gone 30 days. HOWEVER, BAH is tricky. My husband is USAR and we received 604.50 for the first month of BAH, then we received our zip code's BAH afterwards. I am not certain how active duty military applies in this case, but I do know it took me forever to figure out this on my own. As for your remaining questions, I cannot answer them. I am sorry to hear you are going to be going through a divorce, though!

Separation pay should be $250 as long as you are more than 50 miles from your home address.
Actually the regulation for separation pay is based on the Soldier being gone over 30 days, why your husband received it on his first paycheck I don't know but it doesn't usually kick in until the Soldier is gone 30 days, that is the rule.

BAH for the reserve components is very different and you guys receive BAH II until your Soldier is gone for over 30 days when full active duty benefits kick in.
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