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Originally Posted by Fist View Post
Hi, I have just enlisted and I have some questions about BAH, I've read practically this entire forum, but none of the answers here quite fit my exact situation. My recruiter seems pretty clueless about this too. I am married with 2 children.

1. Do I recieve BAH or Separation pay while at bct and ait(6 weeks)? Yes you receive BAH based on your family's location. Separation pay kicks in when you have been gone over 30 days.

2. My wife and children will probably not be moving to my duty post. Do I get bah or separation pay if I live on base? Would I be better off getting an apartment near my post?

Since you are married and will be drawing BAH, you will not be authorized to live on post in the barracks. You could technically sign for housing even if your family isn't with you but you lose your BAH. If you live off post, you draw your BAH but you do not get extra to support two households in two locations. You also will not receive separation pay since you will be choosing to be separated. You will recieve BAH for your duty station at this point and not the location of your family.

3. How does #2 change when I get divorced? I won't start the process until after ait. The courts will decide what you are obligated to pay to your family and your kids. Until you are divorced, most courts require you to give them your BAH since you receive it for your dependents.

4 Finally, what if I am lucky enough to be stationed overseas? Will that affect any allowances? You will continue to receive housing in some fashion, whether it's government housing or the allowance itself. Some duty stations overseas also receive a Cost of Living Allowance.

Thanks for your time.

Good luck, hope this helped some.
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