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In addition to the above message: BAH for newly enlisted individuals is a little confusing. My husband has been gone a little over 4 weeks and I finally figured it out!!! WOOHOO. The first 30 days, I know my husband received something called or termed BAH RC/T (?) which was 604.50 for individuals with dependents. After the first thirty days, he receives BAH Type I. This is the same as any other active duty BAH. You can google BAH rates 2009 and there are charts or there is website that will help you calculate your BAH by zipcode, rank, etc. Also, about 30 days into his training, he will be able to set up a myPay account. This is where he can log in to view his LES a few days before the money gets dropped in your account. E-1 pay is 1400.00 before taxes. Also, if he is more than a certain amount of miles away, you and your family qualify for FSA (family separation allowance). It is 250.00 for everyone, I think. My husband's first pay went in our account about 3 weeks after he left. He left Feb. 25th and we received his first pay on March 17th. His next pay, according to his LES online, is supposed to be deposited April 1st. BAH is split between both checks, paid out on the 1st and 15th. That was something else that confused me because for March, we got a lump BAH.

I am still learning, and I am doing a lot of the research on my own. Be prepared! It is hard to find the EXACT answers all the time, but if you search and read hard enough and long enough, you find what you are looking for. I really like and has a whole section on the military. These two sites are where I have found the majority of my information. It is broken down and in layman's terms, which makes it easy to understand.
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