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Originally Posted by Israeli_Soldeir
It doesn't matter , Finland has a weak army. period. We can do this all day.

So why would you post what we think of your army ? If it sucks and it's crappy then why would we care ? I'm sure Thailand or The Phillipenes hava a "respectable level" of armies too.
Today "disabling" the enemy in one way or the other won't help you much if Helsinki gets nuked. Think with your head , arches and bows ain't gonna do **** against a tank.
The chosen people have a level of arrogance to be found no where else on the planet .
Not happy with ruining one thread because you couldn't handle the questions and facts posed .You have started to trash a perfectly respectable thread . Started by one of the most fair minded members on here . You TRUELY are a nasty piece of work .
WE CAN DO THIS ALL DAY seems to be your favorite catch phrase . Only, you don't seem to be able to . Your facts(LOL) are so skewed out of reality its untrue . The Finns Defeated the Russians in 1939 . But of course this doesn't lend weight to your silly Tables pulled out of some Israeli propaganda BS . Tell me are you a member of the "Sharon Jugend " ?
It TRUELY would explain alot
The peasant bourgeoisie and their self righteous inclinations are the wests cancer!
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