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Originally Posted by Israeli_Soldeir
What do I think of Finland army ? I respect it , but it's not in the top 10 armies list.
Actually , it is one of the smaller weaker armies of the world :
31,000 soldiers (don't go for the statistics of the CIA site or the nation master - they talk about how many males are in the country - most of these aren't soldiers , and have not been through military training.)
I dont know if you understand the concept of our "conscript" army exactly..

every male in our country is law bound to go trough military training or civil service
if they so choose. the precent of those who go to the military training is about 80%
of our male population. this training lasts from 6 monts to 2 years from where you can
ofcorse choose to pursuit military career and become a profissional soldier.

we have about 30,000 soldiers and about 435,000 men in reserve
which is quite enough for country which only has population of
5 million. We don't have Nukes because they would seriously compromise
our political standing.. which is peace over war (unless attacked. see the armys name).
besides.. our war technology is more concentrated in disabling the opponents
facilities, military communications, moneytransfers, internet capability, etc.. instead of
wiping out millions of civilians and making evironment hostile to
life. further more, we dont have any national threats which ofcorse
mirrors our need for defence budget. still it remains at "respectable level".
thats exactly how it should be. no we are not in the top-10 armies by
resource measure. and i hope we dont have to be.

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