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Originally Posted by Texas View Post
They don't for one minute see the different angles and concerns, they're totally blinkered. Which, they're only allowed to be because we have individuals that join up and serve this country. Which in turn allows them their ridiculous view point.
Opinions are like arseholes...everyone has got one...the Anti war people are entitled to there opinions...just like Im entitled to say 95% of what they spout is horse ****...why would they see the different angles Tex..they have convinced themselves so much that their viewpoint is the right one/only one.

Half are these people are so called "well educated" types...common sense and intelligence are to different things.

Well if it wasnt Iraq or Afghanistan they would be on their high horse about something else.

At least they are leaving someone else alone
Some People say the most important thing
a fighter can have is heart.
show me a fighter who's nothing but heart,
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