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Originally Posted by jrj1000 View Post
Its funny how the Pakistanis are finally waking up to the problem...the problems in the border regions have always been there....FFS the Russians knew and had to try and deal with the same problems 20 odd years ago...Now its knocking on the Pakistanis government door they decide to make a decent commitment....the Pakistanis have let the Taliban go near enough unchecked in that area.... for over more then a decade the Taliban and its fighters from the outside have managed to cut off a pretty large section of Pakistan as "Safe ground"...the Taliban are as strong as they are now because of two things...Governments in that area didnt see the problem...and the two best countries to deal with it turned away and looked towards Iraq....we should have cleared the first objective completely before taking on more work
They're waking upto the fact that if they don't sort things out the US will do it for them!
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