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Originally Posted by SniperAlpha1 View Post
I was reading that the Army is going to finally go MultiCam within the next three or four years. Is there any possibility that they will?
I heard that rumor too Sniper. MultiCam was the initial choice but was considered more pricey than ACUPAT. Its stupid that the Marines patented their pattern which was a copy from the Canadians. If we all shared the BDUs, then what was the problem with sharing the Marine pattern who got it right. When I was in Iraq outside the wire, I tell you if I was a sniper like you seeing the ACUs stick out against the desert brown background, I would have gotten alot of kill shots. Honestly, an average marksman can do the job. The US Army is going the wrong direction with all their service uniforms. They say they get a consensus but its BS because everybody complains about the changes. Its not just normal griping that soldiers do, its an honest consensus on wanting proper change. Get rid of the beret, go to the WWII Pink and Greens and change the ACU to the colors of the Marines. Dont have to spend a whole bunch of money with Multi-cam. Just give us two uniforms. This one will be for desert [url][/url]
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