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Originally Posted by ayrj View Post
My husband is enlisting to active duty and I wanted to know if I will be getting the BAH while he is in basic tranning? we have 2 children and I will be staying home in our apt. while he is gone. Oh, and I am a full time student and do not work. Thank you.

Your BAH will start the day he becomes an active duty Soldier. The rate will start that day. Hopefully the Army PAC personell will be on thier A game and get it done in time you COULD receive it on his first paycheck. Not likely though, by the time his second check rolls around you should have it. You will get the pro-rated amount for the first month and the full amount for the second month. After his first pay period I would contact his finance office just to assure that they have the paperwork and the BAH is forthcoming. Bah is set by zip code and not your rent. You cannot compare BAH with another Soldier unless he lives in the same zip code. Most likely it will NOT cover the full amount of your rent...then again it might. If it does consider yourself lucky. I used to get 750 amonth BAH and my rent was only 500.00 so I was able to pocket the rest. Some can and some cant. GOOD LUCK!!
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