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Originally Posted by JBizo View Post
LMFAO @ the smallest knuckles!

What I meant by my original post was. What should I say to myself each day as I wake that will keep me motivated, focused, and in the right frame of mind. I mean, basic is all about breaking and rebuilding each recruit. So, just as the DS has a method to do so...what would my method or motto be?

Oh, and about the medical stuff. I'm a fairly tough guy when it comes to most things..but I am a lil sissy when it comes to needles. Especially the one full of penicillin that they are gonna jab in my rear.
Think "I'm going to have a six pack. **** yeah!"
"girls like men in uniform! **** yeah!"
"This is going to look hella good on a job application."
"Sex is going to be awesome after months of being deprived of everything but my hand!"
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