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Originally Posted by reconmedik View Post
If you are already enrolled through DEER's then you are good to go. Go to the closest military base and get your I.D. card. Once you have that you can go to the local DEERR's office and they can get you a tricare I.D. Card. YOU DONT HAVE TO HAVE THE CARD TO GET CARE. All you need is your husbands social security number and you will be fine. If you cant get to a base then dont worry about it. Any hospital will accept Tricare with your Hubby's SSN. However you need to get a list of TRICARE providers in your area for regular Dr. Apppoinments. Your recruiter will probably have one since he goes to the Dr. too.
Alot of places you may not even be issued a tricare card (i wasnt) your med infor will be on the back of your picture ID card that was issued on base at the ID office. and that is all you will need to take to your appointments and to schedule anything. did you get the form to take to your id office on base? if not maybe you can call and let them know that part because that is all you need.
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