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Originally Posted by kill_em_all
Is that not what I just said? Let's think about it. The enlistment bonus in my eye is just a bunch of eye candy for the overeager human being trying to make money. An 88M is most likely going to lose his life right now and that's not just me talking from my arse. So let's think about this for a second, why no give an 88M a wonderful encentive to join? I mean, it's not like we actually have to give it to him/her, right? For those who did survive, we can give the money, because that's saved money from the bonuses we didn't have to distribute.

You're right, a bonus for a cook isn't much? Why? Because they actually will end up giving it to him. How many cooks lose their life in a fire fight in the kitchen, or a strategically placed IED in his soup bowl? Yeah, right.

Again, a proud soldier, but I know that Im just another toy in the Governments plot to be a superpower in the world. To be honest, I dont care too much about that either, as long as I do my 9-5 and get paid for it. Although you wont find me falling for their inpudent tricks. I'm happy with my $6,000 signing bonus for a 27D (High risk right? lol..) - a paralegal skiz and damn proud of it.
An 88M is most likely to lose his life? Compared to whom? An 11B? A 31B? Hardly. Majority of KIAs during OIF have been 11bravos on the Army side of the house. 88M can certainly be a dangerous job, but the bonus offered is because the MOS is critically manned. This is why we are allocating other MOSes (13M for example) as 88Ms to fill slots.

And if you were to read my post, you would see I said the bonus for a 92G (a cook) is high.

Bonus for a cook ranges from 3K to 12K.

Anyone joining the military solely for the bonus without accepting the realities of the military is foolish to begin with. Regardless of the MOS, one may find himself sitting in a third world country in a less than ideal situation. If one is unwilling to accept these realities that are attached to the bonus, the military is probably not for you.

As for 27Delta being high risk, I supposed it depends on how you look at it. I personally would not want to be surrounded by JAGs day in and day out, put me in a hot AO any day.
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