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I was never in Germany but my brother-in-law started his military carrer ther when he was in the Army & he finished it of in the Air Force at Ramstein. He loved Germany. He was single & has been retitred for quite some time so that won't relate very well.

I kept my family at home in Milwaukee in the house we owned rather than bring them dow nto Bragg. They'd come down for the summer & stay at my buddy's house. They were childless & doted over my kids. My wife & his wife got along real well, better than sisters.

I was usually able to get leave over Christmas time & sometime in the year when the kids were in school so I could meet the teachers & see first hand how the kids were doing or at Easter.

I know nothing about Polk except my cousin took his Engineer training there during 'Nam. He said it's a known fact that Beetle Bailey's Camp Swampy is patterned after it. (? ?)
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