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Originally Posted by jessi875 View Post
I need some help for my husband, who is deployed right now. He is being screwed BIG TIME!! Basically he has a really bad back injury (2 buldging disks, torn ligament, torn cartilage, and his saccrum is deformed) he was on a dead mans profile for 2 months before he deployed and of course they deployed him anyway. Well he gets over there and his physical therapist says that my hubby has abolutely no reason to be there b/c he can't carry a weapom, he can't wear his IBA, nothing! So the physical therapist talks to CoC and they suggest that my hubby see the bat. doc. Amazingly, the bat. doc says that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my hubby and takes him off profile completely! Hubby even had a copy of his MRI results and a statement from his doc stateside that says what is wrong with him and the bat. doc refused to look at it!!!! So now hubby is in constant pain, struggling through PT and of course because of the pain, he is failing his PT tests. He had a PT test today and failed it and his 1st Sgt tells him that they are gonna try to start his discharge papers or take his rank!!!! Is that even possible?? what should he do? Is there anything that I can do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much!

He needs to RUN, not walk to the Inspector Generals office immediatly!! He needs to inform his command that he is going to the IG before he goes. If everything you say is true, his case will be no problem at all. Did he hurt himself on Duty or was it a civillian thing?
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