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Don't know what to tell ya, Jessi.

I know when I was a 1SG it was hard to tell the real thing from the malingerers. In Airborne Infantry there were always some injuries after a jump. I had to leave it to the Medical personnel because it was way above my training & my paygrade. I know how back problems can really make you suffer. When I was in the Navy I was to close to an underwater explosive charge & it turned my around & upside down about a month after the pic in my avatar was taken. It was fun until I swam to shore & found I couldn't stand up. I had torn some ligaments in my sacroilliac, wound up in the hospital for a couple of months & after all these years it still bothers me occassionaly. Fortunately in all my Army years I never had to go on profile & light duty even with all the parachuting & PT. Never had a re-injury.
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