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I can only tell you about my experience. I had been out of the Navy for 14 years when I enlisted in the Army. My first board for SSG was a paperwork board, I didn't have to appear. When I was notified that I had made it through by the promotion board president he said there was no way they couldn't pass me with all of my military education. I had been through many, many schools in the Navy & we had to have at least one correspondence course out at all times. Usually we had one for our job & one for leadership.

When I was promotable to SFC I had to appear before the board & was told by those in the know to make copies of of everything that showed as a positive. I had my Private Detectives license, my Amateur Radio license. all of my Martial Arts rank certificates, all training certificates for various skills - all of which I had earned between my Navy & Army years. It impressed them & they asked a lot of questions about them because it grabbed their interest. I even picked up a conditional additional MOS when the asked me if I'd be willing to take a Commo job if necessary.

Good luck.
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