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Default From Active Army to National Guard

I am a 35 YO male and have always wanted to join the Army but the time was never right. I recently decided that it's now or never so I went to a recruiter and started the process. I went to MEPS two weeks ago scored a 70 on the ASVAB and was found fit by the Army to serve with only one set back, I found out I was colorblind. I wanted infantry and wanted to be deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan but seeing as being colorblind DQ's me from infantry I don't have a lot of interest in the active Army anymore. I still want to serve but I don't want a desk job or to be a truck driver and that is pretty much it for my options now. I am a Correctional Officer in the civilian world and really enjoy what I do I was joining the Army strictly for the excitement and adventure and the honor not for any job training that world help me with a career once I was out of the Army. What I am planning on doing now it joining the Army National Guard this way I will still get to serve my country and when I choose a MOS even if it isn't the infantry I'll only have to do it one weekend a month two weeks a year and at least sometime in the next few years I am almost guaranteed to be deployed plus I'll get to learn some new trade. My question is do I have to go to MEPS again or can I have my MEPS paperwork transferred to the ANG? Also would I swear in ASAP or would I have to wait until I shipped out because I was under the impression once you join the Guard you start training immediately with your unit until you ship for boot camp.

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