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Originally Posted by kmullins View Post
the good new is your son is doing what makes him happy, and being someone you can look up to at the same time.

keep an eye on Fireball, she can get a little crazy at time, but is the best army wife on this site. she can be great to talk to when you need, and she makes some realy great cookies. (by the way fireball, i havent recieved my christmas batch yet?)

Texasmom is someone you may relate to a bit more, and she's proving to hold her own around here. i hear she freaks out from time to time (im sorry i missed the freakout post).

the guys around here are great to, but they get mad when we talk desperate housewives. but we girls cant help it, we love that ****.
Yeah yeah yeah..., K knows she is the bomb as well!!! This board is the best!!!!

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