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Default OCS as enlisted college grad?

Originally Posted by Pappy
If you sign up for OCS, you will not get your loans paid off.

If you enlist, there is the loan repayment program... At the end of your first enlistment, you could apply for OCS.

If you enlist with a 4 year degree, you will start as an E-4 Specialist. You also get an extra $8k in your signon bonus.
I'm 24, w/ my Bachelors degree and also looking into the Army. Loans aren't the issue for me but I'd like GI Bill support to get my Masters. I was told no signing bonus, loan repayment OR GI Bill if I went directly to OCS. The recruiter also said that I could apply for OCS after my first year of enlistment (in order to get the bonuses).

From what you guys are saying, does that mean that my application wouldn't be processed until my first enlistment term was up? Also aside from if I were to just be a stupid soldier and screw up my record with the Army, what is the likely hood of not getting in to OCS after enlisting with a 4 yr. degree? I'm still early in the decision making process and going in to talk with the recruiter again tomorrow so any clarification would be appreciated.
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