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Originally Posted by frostangelnj13
iam 19 and i am not happy with the way things are for me.. i am planning on enlisting but not till i find out all the facts.. i dont want to be told one thing and get another. i want to have all my info together so iam not jerked around.. i want all the possabilities laid out to me.. can anyone help.. i am not sure how i am going to take the army. i dont know how deep i want to be.. one side tells me i should stay close to home and work here in US. the other side tells me to go all out and get into something serious. (special forces) if anyone has any idea on what to ask say look for. etc help me
I am enlisting this Saturday. (It's now Wednesday) I have done what you did and gathered information until I cannot fit anymore in my brain about the stats, etc of the Army. You have done this probably for smaller amounts of time. I for one have been thinking about the military for years. I know or atleast "hope" I know enough about the military that I can answer any question myself that I may have that needs answered. (Oxymoron?)

Anyways, if you ask the questions here that you have I am more than sure that soemone is willing to help you out and let you know what you're getting yourself into.

Since I don't know what questions you need answered I'll lay what you do have down like this.

Lies - Recruiters are going to tell you information in order to get you excited about what you're doing, etc. Not always in the hype that great. Everything that I have asked my recruiter I have double checked with the recruiters at the site to see if they share the opinion on the subject at hand. Money issues though they aren't lying .. they can't lie to you about the money in that manner. If they say you'll get "this" bonus and "this college" you'll get it. Although if you're looking for a specific job - No ONE can guaruntee it to you, and more than likely you'll get it - but - there's a lot of chances that you won't get it.

Closer to Home or All out Army - One or the other. Family or no life? You go into special forces, intelligance.. and you're not going to be home a lot. Go into a closer to home job and you'll make pay + be able to be with family a lot. Make the choice now, dont' regret it later.
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