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Originally Posted by ccrazy13 View Post
Well, from another soldiers mom I've been talking to, whose son is in same company, his DS is saying May 15th. I don't think we'll know for sure until we receive the graduation packets. I've heard they send them out anywhere from 3 wks. after BCT starts to the week before graduation. Hopefully we get ours sooner.

Did your fiance go to Ft. Indiantown Gap before BCT? My son was there, and I went to his graduation from that. Since then I got a few text messages while they were on the bus down to Ft. Jackson, and one letter. I'm sure hoping for a phone call on Sunday.
I got my husbands graduation packet in the mail today. the original letter i got a few weeks ago says that the graduation packet is mailed during the sixth week. im getting really excited now, it feels like its getting closer now that im starting to make plans to go. I called a number however to make a hotel reservation on post, but the woman told me that i can only make reservations 10 days in advance. So i guess I will make one for off post and 10 days before see if i can get one in on post instead. oh well, we'll see i guess, will the soldier be able to go to our hotel just wondering...
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