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Originally Posted by Wyndham C View Post
I have received six letters so far...They pretty much relay the same thing, there's some knuckleheads mucking about and consequently they've been smoked...Other than that, it appears things are well...I haven't had a phone call since she was in reception so, alas...Perhaps this Sunday?

Graduation is May 15th, I will know for sure tomorrow but I will be there.

I am in Allentown, PA.

No way...... I'm in Nazareth. What's your fiance's MOS and where will she do AIT? My son is 63B. He'll be doing AIT at Ft Jackson also. Whats her name? My son is PVT Cahill. Have you looked at the pics on the Ft Jackson website? There's a few females pics from week 1, maybe she's on there. I've only gotten 1 letter, but my son was never the letter writing type, but I've already sent him 3 letters, some pics, and just today sent out a package with some basic stuff..... chapsticks, vitamin c drops, cough drops, envelopes...... i'm just hoping he doesnt have to do a million push-ups for that. And i hope he gets to keep all of it.

Sorry if I'm rambling....but its great to find someone with a loved one in the same company.....let alone we're practically neighbors.....
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