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Originally Posted by MSG Glenn View Post
Family is everything. I went pretty far defending my cousin when he got attacked by an @$$hole who was drunk enough to mistake him for someone else. I almost got arrested but the cop determined that the guy was going to keep beating on my cousin even though he was unconscious if I hadn't stepped in. Both he & my cousin went to the hospital. My cousin was examined & released with a mild concussion. The other guy had a longer stay in the hospital with a jail sentence awaiting him for assault & battery & public drunkenness. I love it when a plan comes together.

Had it been my wife or one of my kids I really don't know if I could have stopped in time.
I know I couldn't have stopped. Wives are not defenseless men should not hit women for any reason. It's unnecessary. I dont hit my wife so I'm not going to let another man hit her.
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