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Originally Posted by jrj1000 View Post
I dont care what people say on this forum but....i dont blame him one bit..i know people would say dont take the law into your own hands..but bollocks to that..if any sick ****er got his hands on the kids in my family...they would indure a horrific last three days of their lives involving a circular saw and a pair of bolt cutters..theres lines you dont cross and if someone did....i wouldnt be messing about
Me and my wife were just talking about a situation similar to this. I asked her if she thought she could ever kill someone and she said she didn't think so. When asked what she would do if one of our kids lives were at stake, she said she would have to be put in that situation. I sould definately let him have it. My kids are off limits, no question. Like you said, there's a line you don't cross and thats one of those lines. I take that jail time like a man for my kids. That's one avenue you don't want to travel down because it will surely be you last ride.
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