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Originally Posted by Mrs.Wills View Post
O MY GOSH i thought that you could do that BUT i didnt know for sure... Yes my doctor made me quit my job because i worked in a place that was like 98 degress all the time... But she said i can get a lill job if i wanted (i dont want to just sit at home while josh is in Iraq...) I dont have to work FULL TIME i just want a lill job
Well, just go to your nearest post's career center. Have you thought about going to school instead? That way you are busy and moving forward with options for the future? I personally (after working the past 10 years) want to sit around (not really) and fill my days with kids laughing, community service and work-outs/sports... hahahaha BUT TO EACH ITS OWN. I love having no one to answer to, but staying busy! Have you thought about volunteering at the local MWR?


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