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Thumbs up New Tactical Armour

What would be the Perfect Tactical Armour

First I would to thank the members of our Armed Forces, I will continue to pray for you guys safety every day, you are our true heros and a great inspiration to me.
I am an Engineering student at Eastern Michigan University
And i am starting to work on my senior project, I wanted to be Tactical battle suit,
I wanted to ask what would be the perfect design for

Comfort, flexiblity, what type of weapons system if any?
Would a intergrated computer system help,
I was even thinking of design some sort of Deployed retractable level IIIA shield to have with some,
To help defend against ambushes and sneak attacks.

How would you like the helmet to be design, I was thinking something like a Ballitistic motorcycle style helmet with a cooling and breathing system.

Any suggestion would be appreciated

Thanks and GOD Bless
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